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Welcome to the Hearing and Balance Center

The Hearing and Balance Center Provides comprehensive audiological evaluations for hearing, tinnitus, and dizziness/balance problems in order to assist the physician in determining the pathology and origin of the disorder.


Our Services:

      The Hearing & Balance Center offers a  comprehensive audiological services. Below you will find a detailed description of the services provided. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

Alternate Binaural Loudness Balance, Short increment Sensitivity Index, Stenger Test, Threshold Decay (Cahart) Test, Tympanometry (Impedance ), Audio Brainstem Audiometry (ABR), Otoacoustic Emision, Newborn Screening for Deafness,  Balance and Diziness: ENG (electronystamography), Tinnitus Diagnostics and Management, Middle Ear Implants: Referral and Management, Cochlear Implants: Referral and Management, Audiometric Evaluations: Adult, Audiometric Evaluation:Pediatrics, Ear Molds: Custom-made noise protection earmolds, Ear Molds: Swim Molds, Ear Plugs



Monday to Saturday

8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Contact us:(043) 723-1803

Location: Dr. Abegayle Machelle M. Perez-Chua's Clinic




Lopez Jaena St. Batangas City

For inquiries

Telephone: (043) 723-7089 - 92 Connecting all Departments

Fax #: (043) 723-1606

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